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HaTs will change your TypeScript development from tedious, confusing, and frustrating 😢 into something simple, efficient, and fun 😎

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For the full story on why and how HaTs came to be, check out this launch blog post 🚀

Quick Start

  1. Ensure your machine has the necessary System Requirements configured

  2. Globally install the HaTs CLI

npm i -g hats-cli
  1. Bootstrap your project
hats create my-ts-library


Creating your first large TypeScript library from scratch is daunting and time consuming, even for experienced programmers. In order to make the most of the rich TypeScript ecosystem in your projects, you, at minimum, must have the following in place:

  • Global environment (i.e. machine-level) configuration
  • Local environment (i.e. project-level) configuration
  • Organization for your directories and files
  • Safeguards against bugs and inconsistent style
  • Automations for version releases

Only after these pre-requisites are set up, and working in concert, can you make progress on your problem domain.

This is where HaTs (short for Happy TypeScript) comes in.

Use Case for HaTs

HaTs is a command line tool for TypeScript authors that preconfigures your TS projects for a smooth development workflow.

Its goal is to save you precious dev time and protect your mental real estate.

Note: Currently, HaTs can only be used to create TypeScript libraries that target server-side NodeJS. Frontend projects, e.g. React sites, are not supported yet.

If you're looking to write TypeScript for frontend, good HaTs alternatives include create-next-app and tsdx, just to name a few.

Windows and Linux users

Currently only MacOS is tested and officially supported. Official Windows and Linux support is releasing ASAP.

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Release Notes

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