CI/CD Pipeline

"The difference between a senior engineer and a junior engineer is that a senior engineer is obsessed with automation."


Once you're happy with a set of local changes and ready to push to your remote or cut a new release for publication, it's critical that your pipeline take the error-prone / repetitive work off your plate.

HaTs provides an intuitive starting point for CI/CD. This design saves you time and enables you focus solely on writing your new features and unit tests.

TaskNode Modules / Command Line Tools
🧯 Test ts-jest
⚖️ Lint @typescript-eslint/parser
📐 Enforce Style prettier + doctoc
♻️ Sync Local Changes to your Remote git + gh cli
📝 Prep for Release auto-changelog
🎁 Build tsc
🚀 Publishnpm
† only invoked when cutting a new release
‡ global npm install required

Executing CI/CD Tasks

In HaTs projects, the package.json scripts property contains the implementation details for each of these CI/CD tasks:

  • Shell command
  • Triggers
  • Invocation cadence

To execute any of these CI/CD tasks from the command line simply use the npm run X syntax.

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