System Requirements

Install the following programs to configure your dev environment.

Programs marked with an asterik * are required for HaTs to work.


Git + GitHub CLI

One of the core benefits you receive each time you bootstrap a new project with hats create is automatic synchronization between your local repository and a fresh GitHub remote. Under the hood, HaTs leverages the GitHub CLI to facilitate this tethering.

Note: The GitHub CLI must have permission to create repos for the GitHub account or organization that will own the remote, for instance via an SSH key on your machine. A tutorial for configuring SSH access to GitHub is linked here.

Verify your GitHub CLI Configuration

  1. Verify the GitHub CLI version
$ gh version
gh version 2.6.0 (2022-03-15)
  1. Login to GitHub and verify your Auth status (SSH Example)
$ gh auth status
✓ Logged in to as <gh-username> (/Users/<shell-username>/.config/gh/hosts.yml)
✓ Git operations for configured to use ssh protocol.
✓ Token: *******************
$ gh ssh-key list
GitHub CLI ssh-ed25519 AAAAC...**************** 15d

Helper Programs

The following programs highly recommended for your TypeScript projects.

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